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Below are services broken up into what you most need. Let me help you Relax and Rebuild your life.


Non invasive health assessment

Iridology is a world renowned, non invasive, integrative science used to assess
the genetic potential and current health of organs, tissues and glands of the body.


Reflexology Massage

Release the effects of mental and physical stress

Are you suffering from the mental,  emotional and physical effects of life’s frustrations, concerns and responsibilities?  Reflexology and massage releases the effects of stress!

About Temna

Founder of Relax|Rebuild LLC
Temna McMillan Sturdivant,  has over 21 years experience in the wellness field. She has earned certifications as a Diplomate Holistic Iridologist, Clinical Iridologist, Board Certified Reflexologist, Herbalist, BioEnergy & Nutritional Consultant,  Licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist #11284.  She is a member of the Certified Natural Health Professionals, Health Keepers Alliance, Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals and founder of RELAX REBUILD LLC.