Biofeedback Scans

Biofeedback Overview

How do I get a biofeedback scan?

 Temna provides four options to get your  Biofeedback scan and report:

Note:  All biofeedback options require a remote scanning device.


What is a biofeedback scan?

 A Biofeedback scan provides a non-invasive way to assess your body’s health at any point in time.  The Biofeedback device transmits very specific  frequencies and records your body’s reaction into a comprehensive report.

Biofeedback scans are non-invasive, remote, highly accurate and affordable.


Why do a biofeedback scan?

– Biofeedback scans offer a live view of your health with pinpoint accuracy.

– Biofeedback scans reveal health imbalances of the whole body, on a cellular level, weeks before they show up in blood, urine or saliva test.

– Biofeedback technology uses non-invasive frequencies to scan the health of your body.  No needles, or other invasive methods are used.

– Biofeedback is remote and takes less than 15 minutes to scan.

– Blood, urine and saliva tests are limited.   First, because blood, urine and saliva test results only focus on a few points. Biofeedback reveals the health of the entire body.  Second, because blood need to maintain a homeostasis state for the body to function.  This means your blood test may show everything is “normal” even though you may “feel something just is not right”.  Biofeedback reveals health imbalances down to the cellular level weeks before the imbalance makes itself manifest in blood, urine or saliva.  

Therefore biofeedback is an amazing tool for prevention and maintenance of your health!



Your Scan

What to expect during your biofeedback scan?

Getting a biofeedback scan is non-invasive, painless process. 

At the time of your scheduled appointment, your scanning device will need to be connected to your laptop or computer USB port.   Our client support specialist will text you a code to enter.  Once you enter the code, you will be prompted to place your hand on the scanning device and your scan will start.  The scan will take less then 15 minutes.

During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the biofeedback software records each response.

How to connect your device?

Install the drivers for the scanner if you haven’t done so yet. Please download and install these two files in the order they appear.

Watch this video for instruction:

How to prepare for a scan?
  1. 24 hours prior to your scan eat clean, no junk foods.  Caffeine and excess sugar are not suggested the morning of your scan.
  2. Warms hands – At the time of your appointment, make sure that your hands are warm.  You can rub your hands together briskly palm to palm and fingertip to fingertip, for 30 seconds or more.  If you tend to have cold hands, wear extra layers of clothing a couple hours before your scan to warm your core.  Apply one drop of unscented lotion or oil (avocado or olive) before rubbing your hands together.
  3. Plug your biofeedback device into your computer using the USB cable provided.
  4. Double click the ZYTO Remote App on your desktop.  You should already have downloaded the app prior to your appointment.  See directions above.
  5. Our client support rep will text you a code.  Enter the code and place your hand on the scanning device.  
  6. Your scan will take less then 15 minutes and a report will be emailed to you.

Watch this video for instruction:

Why did the scanning pause?

If the yellow lights are not on the device, your fingers are not completely on the metal plate or your hands are not warm.

Educational Video

Wellness Report


The red dots show all of the biomarkers that are out of normal range. The green dots are the biomarkers in the normal range. The goal is to follow a healthy lifestyle that brings all of the points back into the center, in normal range.


The biofeedback scan reveals what herbal medicine and supplements resonated with your body's imbalances. The report will list the herbs and supplements. You can see there is one product that will realign 55 of the 146 markers! Clearly this product will be be highly effective.


The biofeedback report shows a summery of the core body systems for wellness. Here you see the detoxification, gastro intestinal, hormonal/endocrine, and immune system reports.


The biofeedback report reveals imbalances of the body systems scanned, in detailed form. The report shows the ratings of each area scanned. Any rating in the red should be addressed immediatly. In this example, the client’s lymph nodes are acute.


Poor lifestyle habits put stress on the body and cause inflammation. Over time, body systems will weaken without the proper nutritional support. The report shows where the body is experiencing inflammation with a red rating. In this report the client’s liver is experiencing inflammation. This is an example of how pinpoint conclusive the biofeedback scan is.


The biofeedback report reveals what toxins are challenging the body and where. This example shows vaccinations, artificial sugars and sweeteners, EMF, herbicides, heavy metals, parasites, viruses, candida albicans, glyphosate, etc are challenging the health of the body.

You will need

a remote Biofeedback scanning device

All Biofeedback scans require a remote device to connect.  This is a one time purchase.  You can order your remote device here and get free shipping. Compatible with Windows PC not Apple MAC.