Biofeedback Scans

Biofeedback Overview

What is a biofeedback scan?

 A Biofeedback scan provides a non-invasive way to assess your body’s health at any point in time.  The Biofeedback device transmits very specific  frequencies and records your body’s reaction into a comprehensive report.

Biofeedback scans are non-invasive, remote, highly accurate and affordable.


Why scans are effective.

Temna’s Biofeedback scans offer a live view of your health with pinpoint accuracy. 

In the past, Natural health practitioners were limited to asking a patient “How you feel?”  It is a subjective question. 

Blood, urine and saliva tests are also limited.  Firstly because you need a sample and secondly because they only focus on a few points.

Biofeedback scans over 180 points from all of the body’s systems in under ten minutes without any samples.  

Temna likes to say, “I don’t need to ask the client how they feel anymore.  I ask their body instead.”

Your Scan

What to expect during your Biofeedback Scan?

Getting a Biofeedback scan is a 4-6 minute, non-invasive, painless process. Simply place your hand on the biofeedback hand cradle while a scan is run.

During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the Biofeedback software records each response.

How to connect your device?

Install the drivers for the scanner if you haven’t done so yet. Please download and install these two files in the order they appear.

How to prepare for a scan?
  1. Warms hands – Make sure that your hands are warm.  You can rub your hands together briskly palm to palm and fingertip to fingertip, for 30 seconds or more.  If you tend to have cold hands, wear extra layers of clothing a couple hours before your scan to warm your core.  Apply one drop of unscented lotion or oil (avocado or olive) before rubbing your hands together.
  2. Connect with customer support.
  3. Plug your Biofeedback device into your computer using the USB cable provided.
  4. Double click the ZYTO Remote App on your desktop.
  5. Enter the remote code we will send you just before your scan then click connect.
Why did the scanning pause?

If the yellow lights are not on the device, your fingers are not completely on the metal plate or your hands are not warm.

Educational Video

Wellness Report


The red dots show all of the markers that are out of normal range. The green dots are the markers in the normal range. The goal is to follow an herbal program that brings all of the points back into the center. The ZYTO BioScan report suggests herbs that will restore balance.


The report compares your body’s current weaknesses and searches for products that will compensate. You can see there is one product that will realign 55 of the 146 markers! Clearly this product will be be highly effective.


The ZYTO BioScan will report core body systems for wellness. Here you see the detoxification, gastro intestinal, hormonal/endocrine, and immune system reports


The ZYTO BioScan will report core body systems for wellness. Details of these systems are provided as shown in the next image. The report sorts the issues toward the top of the chart. In this example, the client’s lymph nodes are acute


The body is always under stress. Over time, body systems will weaken without the proper nutritional support. In this report the client’s liver is clearly inflamed. This is an example of how pinpoint conclusive the assessment is.


Much of the ZYTO BioScan report reveals areas of stress. This page reveals which known stress indicators pose the greatest risk to this client This patient is highly intolerant to artificial sugars and sweeteners.

You will need

A Remote Biofeedback Device

All Biofeedback scans require a remote device to connect.  This is a one time purchase.  You can order your remote device here and get free shipping.