Catarina Jones – Cranial Sacral Massage Therapist


Cranial sacral therapist

“I am here to share what I’ve learned about how the brain communicates with the body. I look forward to the opportunity to help you, help yourself.”


  • Energy balancing
  • Cranial sacral therapy
  • Mental & Emotional Release
  • Grief & Trauma Release
  • Immune system treatment

Caterina loves to explore and explain how the brain communicates with the body.  She helps people understand how to re-balance the dis-ease in life that leads to disease.  Everybody responds differently to different therapies and no two people are alike.  She uses a variety of holistic methods based on your individuals needs.

Cranial sacral therapy

Human beings are a very complex creation with a nervous system that routes messages racing through the body at 300 miles an hour, chemically as well as electrically.  The elements of this amazing system include neuro transmissions, chemical messages and cellular debris.

There are triggers such as grief and trauma that affect individuals in unique ways.  These triggers generally create a reaction such as flight, fright or freeze.

All of these variables mean that no two sessions are alike, which is why Caterina uses a variety of methods to address the present need.

To reveal the root of someone’s problem, Caterina typically begins with the endocrine system (hormone messaging system from brain to the body).  Gradually she will address the imbalances with cranial sacral therapy, reflexology, oils and other methods.





CALL/SMS:  704.323.1327



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