Temna’s Rebuild Program



Welcome to Temna’s Rebuild Program DIY Option Plan

This is the periodic table of elements.  Most people see this as a list for building the natural world.  But the world of professional health practitioners see this another way.

For us, this chart is a list of all the elements your body needs to thrive.

Temna’s Rebuild Program is built on the principle that “If you give the body what it needs, it will heal itself.”

To begin that principle, you must know what your body needs at a particular time.

This is where Biofeedback comes in.

Actually we all have a biofeedback scanner built into everyone of us.  You brain is constantly checking if you need more of this element or of another.  If there isn’t enough, you get hungry.  If it doesn’t get what it needs, it tries to compensate by borrowing or even shutting down systems.

The Biofeedback scans we use in Temna’s Rebuild Program helps us precisely indicate what your body needs to rebuild at any particular time.  We use that information to choose products and regimens that will give the body what it needs to rebuild.

To perform the Biofeedback scan remotely, you will need one ZYTO Bioscanner device.  With this device, you can connect to my computer on the internet from a windows device anywhere in the world.

I use this device to scan over 150 target points of good health in only 15-20 minutes.  Then I compile the results into a 20+ page report and email it to you.  All that information without any tissue, blood, or other body fluid samples.

When you get the report, you will be very interested to see what is imbalanced and what can be done to adjust.

That is why we call this the DIY option plan.  Once you have the ZYTO device, you can book a Biofeedback scan whenever you wish.  You can use the reports to track progress, gain insights, and decide adjustments you need.

I want to remind you that it is important to consult your health care professional whenever you make adjustments for your health.

I’m sure you are looking forward to your first Biofeedback scan appointment.  So am I.

Set up an account and purchase your ZYTO device (if you haven’t done so yet,) and we will see you soon!