Purchase  your remote ZYTO hand cradle here  and you will receive the startup package  of hand cradle, one Zyto BioScan,  set-up  and free shipping.

Yes.  Anyone can use the hand cradle.  Your individual BioScan profile is stored in the practitioner’s device not the hand cradle. So feel free to allow friends and family to scan.

A Zyto Wellness BioScan  Report (view sample report) shows

Biomarker Stressors on the:






Body systems



Heavy metals





Electromagnetic fields



TCM Meridians

And more…

BioMarker balancers such as:

Herbal medicine

Vitamins, minerals, traceminerals


Essential oils

Holistic services

Diet and lifestyle

What is it like to get a Zyto BioScan?

Getting a Zyto biocommunication scan is a 4-6 minute, non-invasive, painless process. Simply place your hand on the Zyto hand cradle while a scan is run. During the scan, subtle energetic impulses are introduced to your body. Your body will naturally respond to this communication and the Zyto software records each response. Although a few people may be able to sense this energetic communication, most are unaware that the scan is taking place.

How often should I be scanned?

Regular Zyto scanning will provide you with up-to-date biocommunication information as your body changes.  Because the Zyto BioScan is non-invasive the frequency of scans is not harmful.   Some people use their own intuition, knowing something has changed, shifted in their body and its time to scan.  Other people prefer guidance by Temna, who will guide you with a specific scan schedule best for you.

Why get a BioScan?

The Zyto BioScan help you and your holistic practitioner make better decisions about your health and wellness.  That’s why ZYTO technology is referred to as wellness decision support technology.  It’s important to note that although the Zyto hand cradle is an FDA approved device, the ZYTO scans are not intended to treat or diagnose.

Is it safe?

There are no known contraindications for properly administered Zyto BioScans. The amount of energy used in a scan is so low that it is safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages, including people with pacemakers and pregnant women.

It is suggested to use Iridology as an annual health and wellness check up.

However, if you are at a critical point in life where you are targeting symptoms, and are serious about a lifestyle change for prevention,  then monitoring your health with an Iridology assessment is suggested as follows:

  • 1st appointment-  Iridology Assessment
  • 2nd appointment-  Iridology comparison follow-up (6 weeks after starting program)
  • 3rd appointment-   Iridology comparison follow-up (12 weeks after starting program)

Annual maintenance.


For updated information feel free to click on the following links:




By signing this document I do hereby voluntarily consent to receive Iridology, Zyto BioScan, essential oils, herbal, nutritional and any other wellness services or suggestions, today and henceforth.  I understand that the above stated holistic modalities and providers are not primary care providers in the state of North Carolina and that regular primary care by a licensed physician is an important choice that is strongly recommended by this clinic’s providers.

I am here to ask for suggestions and coaching from this Iridologist, Board Certified Reflexologist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Herb & Supplement consultant, BioEnergy Nutrition consultant, Wellness Coach. I perfectly understand Temna McMillan Sturdivant, is not a doctor, nor does she pretend to be one.  She does not diagnose, does not prescribe medication nor does she substitute any medical treatment.  I am exerting my own free will and from the dictates of my own consciousness which allows me to choose what I believe is convenient for my persona and therefore I am interested in receiving the opinions, points of view and/or natural suggestions from this consultant which are suggestions with the objective of feeling better.

I am here to receive natural health remedies from Temna McMillan Sturdivant  I perfectly understand that her services of Iridology, Board Certified Reflexology, Licensed Massage Therapy,  Herb & Nutrition Wellness consultations and any not mentioned are NOT INTENDED TO REPLACE MEDICAL ADVICE, MEDICATIONS, OR  TREATMENTS.

I also make it clear that the contents and process in this program are for educational purposes only and are NOT to be used as diagnostic, prescription or medical treatment or replace such treatments.  I am responsible to follow or not, any suggestions made.  The products suggested, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathic, supplements or any other natural, non-invasive suggestions DO NOT SIGNIFY A PRESCRIPTION OR MEDICAL TREATMENT.  If you are under treatment, therapy or taking any medications prescribed by your doctor, DO NOT DISCONTINUE them!  Consult with your doctor before taking products or follow any suggestion.

For emphasis: I understand that the contents and process in this program are for educational purposes only and are not to be used as diagnostic, prescription, or medical treatment.  Only licensed doctors can diagnose, prescribe or give treatments.  I am responsible to follow or not any suggestions.  The products suggested, are only for their nutritional value.  The suggestions of these products do not signify a prescription or medical treatment.  If I am under treatment, therapy or taking any medications prescribed by my doctor I DO NOT discontinue them. I need to consult my doctor BEFORE taking any products or following any suggestions.

By initialing each paragraph I understand that I am completely responsible for any suggestions, procedures, processes and relinquish the responsibility from the consultant, facility and any parties assisting during or after my appointment. In all cases it is my decision or our decision to whether or not take and/or follow or not the recommendations that have been suggested to me and will only be both mine and our responsibility to carry them out and the results of the same. I relinquish the consultant of any participation in legal matters, judgments, claims, liabilities and any other legal concepts not mentioned at any moment in time.

If I am here accompanying a minor or a physically challenged person I make it clear that as a father, mother, tutor, friend, relative, responsible party or caregiver I have the sufficient capacity and authority to allow receiving the recommendations for the minor or physically challenged.


It is a courtesy to other clients as well as the provider to give an 8 hour cancellation notice by email to temna@relax-rebuild.com or text 704.323.1327.  A 50% courtesy fee will be applied for any late cancellations or no shows.  If this courtesy is not paid in full in 24 hours, client assumes responsibility and will no longer receive Relax Rebuild llc services.


“Symptoms? I thought improving my diet would make me feel better, not get symptoms!”

Perhaps the greatest misunderstanding in the field of nutrition is the failure to understand and interpret the symptoms and changes, which follow a better nutritional lifestyle change. A remarkable thing happens when a person improves the quality of the food they consume!

When the food you ingest is of higher quality than the tissues from which the body is made, the body discards the lower quality tissues, to make room for the higher quality materials to make healthier tissue. A healthier you!

During this process of regeneration, lasting about 10 days to several weeks, the body will have days of vibrant energy and “feel good” and a few days in between when the body doesn’t feel so well. Why?

When the body “feels good” it now has the strength and “ammunition” to get rid of unwanted toxins that can cause symptoms and disease. Drink plenty of water and rest on these days, to flush out these toxins so they don’t cycle back into the system and create some of the following symptoms:

Headaches, fever, chills, colds, flu-like symptoms, sinus drainage, mucous, diarrhea, constipation, skin eruptions, fatigue, sluggishness, irritability, depression, frequent urination, etc…

Suddenly you feel better than you’ve felt in years! As the body becomes pure, you will reach your optimal health potential.




ALWAYS COMMUNICATE with you Temna when questions arise!


Eat the “highly beneficial” and “neutral” foods according to your Blood Type Diet list. Avoid the “avoid” foods on the list. They are like poison to the body.



Support, nourish and detoxify the body with guaranteed pure herbs and supplements.



Drink half your body weight in ounces of water each day.  Ex. 160 lbs = 80 oz of water each day. Not drinking enough water is like putting a large load of laundry in the wash, with a small load worth of water. The laundry will not get clean! Likewise, your body will struggle detoxifying itself unless it has enough water to flush toxins out.


It’s imperative to exercise! Stagnant water in a pond creates an environment for bacteria, parasites and unwanted critters. Likewise, lack of daily exercise creates an environment conducive for unwanted toxins in the body, which cause symptoms and in time dis-ease.


Remember the back to health formula:  It takes three months for the body to properly detoxify down to the cellular level. Then add one month for each year you’ve had the symptom.