Health Assessment

Iridiology Health Assessment


Iridology is a world renowned, integrative science used to assess the health  of organs, tissues and glands of the body.

Iridology Health Assessment includes analysis of all 12 systems of the body, which includes the organs, glands and tissue structure of the Endocrine, Respiratory, Nervous, Muscular, Skeletal, Urinary, Digestive, Eliminative, Circulatory, Immune, Lymphatic and Integumentary systems.

This service includes a customized Clinical and Holistic Iridology health assessment, BioChemistry testZyto Compass bioscan and wellness consultation.

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NOTE:  Please do not eat or drink 2 hours prior to appointment.


Follow- Up Comparison


A Follow-up comparison session is used to monitor the body’s transformation back to health.  A comparison of results with the prior assessments shows progress and reveals the next steps towards wellness.

This service includes a Clinical and Holistic Iridology assessment, BioChemistry testZyto Compassbioscan and wellness consultation.

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NOTE:  This service is only available for up to 12 month comparison. If this is your first Iridology analysis, or if you are over the 12 month period since your last Iridology, please schedule a regular Iridology Assessment appointment, not a follow-up.  Please do not eat or drink 2 hours prior to appointment.

Temna McMillan

Consultation & Coaching

$25 /15 Minutes

We offer phone, text messaging and in office consultation and coaching services where we discuss the appropriate steps to better health. Suggestions include but not limited to nutrition, herbs, supplements and essential oils.

For a more customized consultation, schedule an Iridology Health Assessment. to  target your body’s specific needs.

Call or text Temna Now (704) 323-1327  to setup your coaching service!

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Dip.H.Ir.,C.H., BCR, BNC, LMT

I put into practice what I preach.  Wellness is a holistic way of life; mind, body and spirit.   A positive mental attitude (the mind),  exercise, clean eating, water, herbs and essential oils (the body), taking time to connect with the universe and family (the spirit).   This lifestyle change quickly transformed my body back to health!