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RECOVER and REJUVENATE.  Recover Quickly from any Workout or Injury

Discover four natural solutions to maximize recovery from injury and exercise.

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Inflammation – the causes, effects and solutions

This newsletter focuses what to do when your body is stuck in the inflammation cycle, how to avoid getting there in the first place, and what to do to break the cycle so you can heal.

The STRESS-LESS Campaign

This month I am launching a new campaign called STRESS-LESS. The STRESS-LESS campaign focuses on how to support your body’s natural reaction to unavoidable stress so that you do not sacrifice your health just to get by.

Temna’s Online Discount Shop for Relax-Rebuild

Visit us at shop.relax-rebuild.com  Get discount prices for over 500 guaranteed pure herbal products without membership requirement…

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There is a Cure for the Common Cold (and Flu)

For years researchers have struggled to find the answer to the common cold…

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Are You a Sugar Addict?

Sugar has an amazing appeal for just about everyone. Sweet foods are pleasant to the taste…

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Don’t Let Your Heart Fail You

Facts and Myths About Preventing Heart Disease.

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Is Your Thyroid Function Balanced?

Learn How You Can Restore Normal Thyroid Function with Natural Remedies.

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Support Your Spine

Do you experience backache, neck pain, slipped disks or other spinal problems? If so, it’s time to learn about how to create a healthy, pain-free spine.

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