Zyto BioScans

Remote or In-Office

  • Benchmark Zyto BioScan, Wellness Report, 50 min consultation, $135.
  • Follow-up Zyto BioScan, Wellness Report, 30 min consultation, $65.
  • Zyto BioScan, Wellness Report, no consultation, $45.

Confused about which supplements are right for you?  

Do you feel good, but not great…and can’t put your finger on the “why”?

Find the possible root cause with a Zyto BioScan.   This FDA approved Zyto hand cradle, offers the original wellness BioScan that provides insight about your health and biological coherence to herbal products, essential oils, and supplements to support your health for prevention.

What to expect?  Whether in-office or remote, you will place your hand on the hand cradle for 5-9 minutes.  It’s non-invasive and safe for all ages and circumstances.  Most clients don’t feel anything.  Some feel small vibrations during the scan.  After you are done scanning a 22 pages wellness report will be emailed to you, followed by a consultation to discuss your results and plan of action.

The Zyto BioScan is the original wellness scanner that provides insight about your present health, biological coherence to herbal products, essential oils, and supplements. The Zyto BioScan and consultation can be done in-office or remote (purchase your Zyto hand cradle here).

Please Note:

Supplements not included.

For remote Zyto BioScans click this link to purchase your ZYTO hand cradle.

24 hours prior to a Zyto BioScan appointment, please EAT CLEAN! No sugar, caffeine or junk foods to ensure you get an accurate scan.