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Temna maintains a list of protocols that have proven effective for common health issues.  Feel free to search the list below and learn more.  Call or text 704-368-4447 to have client support create your account to place your orders.   Temna appreciates your orders by giving you 10% off all orders and free shipping on orders that apply.


Candida Maintenance

Cardiovascular Health - Cholesterol Support

Cardiovascular Health - Blood Pressure Support

CV19 Immune support - children

CV19 Immune support option #1

CV19 Immune Support option #2

Exercise Pain & Recovery

Exercise Performance & Body Composition

Gastrointestinal Health – Reflux Support

Gastrointestinal Health – Soft Stools

Healthy Aging - Antioxidant Support

Healthy Aging – Elevated Homocysteine

Healthy Aging – General Wellness

Healthy Aging – Longevity Support

Hormonal Health – Thyroid Support

Immune Health – Antibiotic Resistance

Immune Health – Cold and Flu Support

Leaky Gut

Mental Chit Chat

Metabolic Health – Blood Sugar Support

Metabolic Health – Blood Sugar Support

Mature & Aging Skin

Metabolic Health – Fatty Liver Support

Musculoskeletal Health – Bone Support

Neurological Health – Headaches

Neurological Health – Hyperactivity and Focus

Neurological Health – Nervous Tension

Neurological Health – Sleep Support

Neurological Health – Stress and Adrenal Support

Ovarian Wellness

Prostate Care

Respiratory Health – Lung Support

Sexual Health

Skin Health Inflammatory and Noninflammatory Lesions

Sleep Support by Temna

Stress Relief by Temna

Surgical Support – Postoperative Care

Temna's Digestion Protocol

Temna's Constipation Protocol

Temna's joint Inflammation & Pain Protocol

Temna's Travel Safe First Aid