Foot Reflexology

30 min – $55 | 60 min – $85

Release stress, mental and emotional fatigue and foot pain with foot reflexology.
Essential oils included.

Reflexology Massage

60 min – $95 | 90 min – $130

Relieve muscle pain, stress, tension, mental and emotional fatigue with reflexology/massage. Essential oils included.

Targeted Deep Tissue

60 min – $95 | 90 min – $130

This customized session includes Foot Reflexology with targeted deep relief of a specific area that’s bothering you.  For example, neck, shoulder, upper, middle, lower back and  hips.  Essential oils included.

How Does Reflexology Work?

During a Board Certified Reflexology Massage session, the client is laying in a softly lit room, filled with peaceful music, on a warm, cushioned massage table, with a warm aromatherapy infused towel placed comfortably over the eyes.

Customized firm, yet smooth flowing Foot Reflexology and  Massage techniques target the feet, neck, back and shoulders to improve mental clarity,  relieve stress, anxiety, tension, “phantom” pains, and more!   The result is an amazing feeling of mind, body and spirit relief.

What is Reflexology?

Are you suffering from the physical and emotional effects of life’s frustrations, concerns, work, and responsibilities?  Stress is a silent killer!  There are over 400 stress induced symptoms, that in time, may develop into “dis-ease”.

Reflexology is a natural health science, used for centuries, to “de-stress” the body.   Reflexology is known best for balancing hundreds of emotional and physical stress-induced symptoms.  Anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, neck, shoulder, lower back pain, joint discomfort, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome,  headaches, etc…. to name a few.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet alone, that are pathways to the nervous system in the body and branch out to every organ, tissue, muscle and gland in the body.  Through application of pressure techniques on these reflexes a stimulus goes through the nervous system, releasing blockages caused by stress.  Therefore, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the corresponding areas of the body.

Who Should Have a Session?

Reflexology | Massage is for everyone!  Women, men, elderly, infants, children and teenagers.  Because of lifes daily challenges, men and women of all ages benefit from the releif of stress buildup symptoms.  Babies can receive a Reflexology session that focuses on points for colic, sinus congestion, constipation, and relaxation.  Children will also benefit from stimulation on their feet. It will increase their immune function. They will benefit with ease of digestion.  And even ADD (attention deficit disorder) has been reduced.  The elderly enjoy improved circulation, sleep and a healing touch. The chronically ill may receive both pain relief from a session, as well as digestive support.

Massage Therapy Benefits

 ✓  Improving sleep.

With lower cortisol and increased serotonin clients have more restful nights. Its been said that clients have an easier time both falling asleep, and staying asleep.

✓  Reducing blood pressure.

Increasing circulation, thereby helping deliver oxygen and other nutrients throughout your whole body.
Can aid with weight loss. Stress can increase our desire to eat and also slow down our metabolism. Reducing cortisol results in an increased metabolism.

✓  Improving digestion.

When we are relaxed our bodies are better able to digest food and obtain needed nutrients from our foods.
Preventing injuries and illness. Tense muscles can cut off circulation and contribute to developing chronic aliments.

✓ Massage can reduce heart rate, and strengthen our immune system by producing additional lymphocytes.

Lowered stress from massage can help us to maintain a more alkaline pH in our bodies, making us less likely to suffer from common diseases.
Regular massage can decrease inflammation in our bodies, one of the main causes of many diseases.