People describe a Foot Reflexology treatment with Temna as nothing less than amazing.  Temna began developing and offering her unique style of Foot Reflexology over 22 years ago to release the effects of mental and emotional stress from the body.  Temna’s Reflexology treatment infuses essential oils, energy balancing, intuition, and acupressure techniques gathered from around the world during her travels and education.

“Temna’s  firm yet flowing style of Foot Reflexology is powerfully soothing to the soul.”

Book a Foot Reflexology appointment and benefit from Temna’s years of experience and techniques.

Reflexology is a natural health science, used for centuries, to “de-stress” the body. Reflexology is known best for balancing hundreds of mental, emotional, and physical stress-induced symptoms.  Reflexology is known best for balancing hundreds of mental, emotional, and physical stress-induced symptoms.  People have shared testimonials supporting relief from anxiety, depression, mental fatigue, neck, shoulder, lower back pain, joint discomfort, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, etc…. to name a few.

Reflexology is based on the principle that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in the feet alone, that are pathways to the nervous system in the body and branch out to every organ, tissue, muscle and gland in the body. Through application of pressure techniques on these reflexes a stimulus goes through the nervous system, releasing blockages caused by stress. Therefore, Reflexology relieves tension, improves circulation and helps promote the natural function of the corresponding areas of the body.

Reflexology is for everyone!  Women, men, elderly, infants, children and teenagers.  Because of lifes daily challenges, men and women of all ages benefit from the releif of stress buildup symptoms.  Babies can receive a Reflexology session that focuses on points for colic, sinus congestion, constipation, and relaxation.  Children will also benefit from stimulation on their feet. It will increase their immune function. They will benefit with ease of digestion.  And even ADD (attention deficit disorder) has been reduced.  The elderly enjoy improved circulation, sleep and a healing touch. The chronically ill may receive both pain relief from a session, as well as digestive support.