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Relax Rebuild’s therapeutic massages go above and beyond a typical massage.  Our Licensed Massage Therapist’s years of experience give you the relief you expect and need.  Enjoy targeted massage techniques that help with myofascial release,  energy balancing, sciatica, chronic back pain, bone and joint discomfort, stressed muscles, inflammation, and more.

Signature massage treatments include cranial sacral therapy, trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, cupping and much more, to ensure you feel better naturally.

Book your massage session today to improve your health and quality of life, from the outside in.

Strengthen our immune system by producing additional lymphocytes.  Lowered stress from massage can help us to maintain a more alkaline pH in our bodies, making us less likely to suffer from common diseases.  Regular massage can decrease inflammation in our bodies, one of the main causes of many diseases.

Improves sleep.  With lower cortisol and increased serotonin clients have more restful nights. Its been said that clients have an easier time both falling asleep, and staying asleep.

Reduces blood pressure.  Increasing circulation, thereby helping deliver oxygen and other nutrients throughout your whole body.
Can aid with weight loss. Stress can increase our desire to eat and also slow down our metabolism. Reducing cortisol results in an increased metabolism.

Improves digestion  When we are relaxed our bodies are better able to digest food and obtain needed nutrients from our foods.
Preventing injuries and illness. Tense muscles can cut off circulation and contribute to developing chronic aliments.


Our relax treatments release and re-balance problematic areas of your body.  The following signature treatments have been developed from years of experience:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Cupping Massage
  • Neck and Shoulder Release
  • Lower Back & Hip Relief Treatment
  • Customized Therapeutic Massage
  • Mental & Emotional Balance
  • Grief & Trauma Relief
  • Immune Boost Treatment
  • Women’s Reproductive Balance
  • Pre Natal or Post Partum Rebalance