Requirements for speedy processesing. Please read carefully.


Think like an Iridologist.  An Iridologist needs a clear sharp image of your full iris.  The majority of Iridology assessments are made based on the fibers in the irises of the eye.

Images that successfully meet all of the requirements mentioned on this page are processed without delay.  We can begin the assessment possess by confirming whether or not the images are acceptable.

We would like to serve you as soon as possible.  To avoid delays, please carefully read and follow all of the information in this document.

Before you continue, carefully read the following information

  • Avoid mistakes. Read all of the instructions below before you begin.

  • Please remove your contacts and/or glasses.

  • Take more than one image and pick the best.

How to take an Iris Image

Step 1: Take  your iris photo with a digital or cell phone camera

  1. Turn on Flash.
  2. Use Indoor Daylight or no light at all in a dark room.
  3. Stand sideways from any window (facing the window will cause glare).
  4. Hold the upper and lower eyelids open to make entire iris visible.
  5. Have someone else hold the camera or use a tripod and timer.
  6. If iris is brown or dark brown, have an additional person hold a flashlight indirectly (shine light towards the iris from the side, at an angle.)
  7. Keep the eye close to the camera and look straight into the camera.
  8. Take one photo of each iris at a time.

Step 2: Check Your Photos for Lighting and Clarity

  1. Be sure the iris is clear; otherwise try again. You should be able to see iris fibers when you zoom in.
  2. Be sure there is no red eye; otherwise turn on ‘red eye reduction’ and try again.
  3. Be sure the entire iris is visible; otherwise try again.
  4. Be sure there is no significant glare on the iris; otherwise turn your body slightly away from any window and try again.

Step 3: Upload Your Final Iris Photo Results

  1. You may crop the photos so only the eye is visible to reduce the file size.
  2. You can upload 3 pictures of the left and right eye.
  3. Please Email your files to

Acceptable Images

Here’s why:


    The image is in focus, the fibers of the iris are clear, the colors are sharp.


    The light spot is small and located within or near the pupil (the center of the iris).


    The entire iris is showing, eyelids are open wide.

Acceptable. The fibers in this dark iris are sharp, and the glare from the light spots are minimal.

Acceptable. The fibers are sharp, the entire iris is visible, the glare from the light source is small

Unacceptable Images

Here’s why:


    The image is not in focus, the fibers of the iris are fuzzy and/or the colors are filtered/enhanced.


    The glare from the light source is large and covers the iris.


    The iris is partially covered, shadowed or the eyelids are partially closed.

Unacceptable.  The light reflections cover most of the iris.

 Unacceptable. The fibers in this dark iris are fuzzy and out of focus. Iris is partially covered.

 Unacceptable.  Only the iris should fill the frame.

Unacceptable. Iris image overlayed with eyelashes, glare, and the top and bottom are partially covered.