What people are saying about Temna

“I met Temna through our corporate wellness program at work.  I have been benefiting from reflexology at Relax Rebuild, LLC with Temna for a number of years.  I appreciate her knowledge and ability to work with the human body.  After a session of Reflexology, my stress levels are reduced.  I feel lighter, relaxed and more present.

I recently tried Iridology and, as a result, changed my eating habits and started taking the suggested supplements, from Temna.  In less than two weeks my energy levels are improved and brain fog reduced.”

A. Loyd


“As a former athlete, I wish I would have known Temna in those days.  The knowledge and treatment that I have received from Temna, Relax Rebuild LLC, has been excellent.  I truly believe I have added years to my life by incorporating Temna’s treatments and suggestions.”

V. Pittman

Commercial Realtor

“Temna is a healing angel! Back in 2009 I injured my foot and someone suggested Temna.  I expected to get a foot massage but left with so much more!!! Temna is a ray of light.  When you leave after a massage or Reflexologysession not only are your aches and pains completely gone but your soul and mind will feel like you have taken a dip in pure sunshine.  She is hands down the best practitioner I have had the honor of knowing!!!”

C. Henderson

Real Estate Broker

“I was amazed at how enlightening and accurate my consultation was!  I had been experiencing stomach issues for some time.  After the Iridology session, I started on a herbal program that not only relieved my symptoms but gave me more energy.  I was also made aware of other possible future health issues that I haven’t had any symptoms from as yet.  It helped me to proactively start tackling these issues.  I have recommended this for many of my friends and family!!!”

T. McClain


“Temna is AWESOME!  I’ve been seeing her for years and she is the absolute best Reflexologist and Massage Therapist.  She not only makes you feel better with healing techniques, but she will heal you from inside out and restore you to health.”

T. Bunte

Sales Coach and Author

“Temna has been my Reflexology/Massage Therapist a little over 5 years.  I find that she is refreshing and always positive.  She has honed her craft.  She is about the whole body not just specific areas.  I continously recommend her over and over again.”

V. Lee


“Looking for a natural way of improving my health, a family member recommended Ms. Temna.  The Iridology assessment was comfort, very educational and on target with my health concerns.  Looking forward to working toward a healthier lifestyle.”

G. Polk

Office Manager

“Temna is my ‘go to’ person when I need help with a sports injury and general health issues.  She is very knowledgable of various massage techniques for relaxation and healing, as well as, nutrition and herbal supplements.  She is also a caring person with a big heart and has a great personality which adds the icing to the cake.  You must experience her services for yourself!”

T. Bullock


“I’ve had Reflexology before but Temna’s services are the absolute best!  She is professional, gifted and ‘tuned-in’ to my needs, I highly recommend her to anyone needing this deep therapy!  You will not be disappointed!”

T. Jones

Musical Artist, Producer

“Reflexology with Temna is one of the most healing and renewing wonders I have found.  I continue to refer friends and am told best gift I have ever given them!”

M. Perry


“I have been to Temna for Reflexology, Massage and Iridology.  Not only can Temna make you feel completely at ease talking about personal issues, but she can actually help you solve them.  She is so intuitive and knowledgeable and every time I leave her office I feel refreshed and ready to face the world.”

K. Acker


“My experience with Temna has been nothing but amazing! From Iridology, Reflexology to Massage. She knows exactly what to do for you.  I would highly recommend her services!”

D. Murkins


” I was quite impressed with my Iridology Assessment.  I gained much insight into the internal condition of my body as well as my energetic state.  I found Temna to be exceptionally well versed in her field to provide an accurate assessment to any client and recommend the best treatment plan for optimal health benefit!”

P. Trotter

Business Entrepreneur

“Temna was wonderful, the best reflexologist I have met.”

L. Doughs


“Temna, that was amazing! You take Reflexology to the nth degree.  The essential oils and energy balancing…pure love…Thank you!”

M. Sigler


“In my travels around the world, I’ve been to very exclusive spas.  Temna is hands down the most effective 3hour Reflexologist and Massage Therapist!   Truly 5-star!”

T. Suber

VP Healthcare

“Massage…the very best!”

R. Sherlock


“Temna is hands down the best Massage Therapist I’ve come across.  She just gets it.  I always leave her office feeling like I’m on cloud 9!”

M. Delong


“I had a wonderful Reflexology experience with Temna.  During my off time, I play competitive basketball.  My body really takes a beating during games and workouts.  Following my Reflexology treatment, I felt very refreshed and relaxed. Temna equipped me, with great advice, on what I could do during my training to continue to feel my best and perform at a high level. Temna is very knowledgeable and very professional.  I would recommend her to anyone!”

E. McNeil


“Thank you for taking care of us for the past 4 years!”

M. Norris


“My experience with Temna was amazing. The enfironment was so beautiful and very relaxing.  Not only did she make me feel better, I was also comfortable.”

B. Chalmers

Sales and Marketing

“I felt Temna was genuinely concerned with my well-being!”

T. Morrison

Aviation Technician

“Temna is AMAZING!!! My back and shoulders rely on her for relief monthly.  She was a God sent during my pregnancy and made my delivery SO much easier I believe.  I try to send everyone I know to her and all of our clients love her!  I’ve never had such relief and relaxation as I have when I leave her sessions!”

C. Hill

Esthetician, Business Owner

“I went to Relax Rebuild LLC  to address an old sports injury.  I had never had reflexology, or a professional massage.  My opinion is Temna has magic hands!  If I had to rate the care I have received it would be 5-stars!”

D. J. Sullivan


“… I am in euphoria…because I just left Temna’s office (Reflexology session)  lol!…Thank God for Temna and her essential oils!”

C. Arnold

Real Estate Broker

“Temna is the Oprah of Reflexology/Massage!  It has helped me with mood swings and overall balancing my body.  I always feel back together again, grounded.”

M. Kadziela

Stay-at-home mom

“Temna’s services literally helped me get back on my feet.  We found out the root cause of my symptoms with the Iridology Assessment, and I followed the herb, nutrition plan and had Reflexology sessions.  It’s now possible for me to exercise again and at the same time opened my eyes to new possibilities of my health which I may have never considered before meeting her.”

H. Morgan

Water Treatment Plan Operator