Temna helped me with herb, supplements and a listening ear to get rid of my severe sleep problems because of stress in my life.  Thank you Temna, you are a true healer!  D.A.

Asthma & Allergies

Temna biofeedback scan showed the root cause of my allergies and asthma and Temna’s program relieved my symptoms. Alex J.

Mysterious Skin Issue

Temna says “give the body what it needs, and watch it heal itself.” My skin is smooth and no itchy inflammatory patches. Sue C.

Digestion, Inflammation, Fatigue

I wish I could give Temna 100 stars. Her program works and I feel better when I follow my plan. Time to hit the reset button and get back to a better me. Thanks Temna for EVERYTHING. Rochal B.


Doctor’s only had surgery as an option. Temna truly holds your hand back to health and I still have all of my colon, no surgery. Tim B.

Menorrhagia (heavy menstrual bleeding)

After years of dealing with my issue and the adverse health effects, only a few weeks after starting Temna’s program for me and I had complete relief. Iris

Mysterious Stomach Issue

Since I was 10 years old, I had severe stomach issues that only coke would help. Doctor’s couldn’t figure out what was causing it. Thank you Temna for helping my stomach feel better naturally and no more Coca-Cola. Katie F.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

I’m off meds and on a healthy path symptom free. Donna M.

Kidney Disease (stage 3)

I had to take a hard look at my lifestyle and make a lot of changes but it was worth the challenge when the Doctor told me my kidneys were healthy! Thank you Temna for all that you do to help people feel better naturally! Louella L.

Low Libido

Who new at my age my libido could be reactivated? Temna did! Marie M.

General Well-being

Temna has been awesome, I have been able to follow realistic goals to improve my health and the results are amazing , along with the program tailored to my individual needs I can ask questions and receive answers in excellent easy to understand manner most importantly I now have a favorable outlook for maximum health!!! Jeff B.

Hair Loss

Temna was very professional. The environment was clean and neat. The information I received was helpful. She showed compassion and was understanding. I highly recommend Relax Rebuild. G.A.

General Wellbeing

Temna was a professional at what she does. I received the reflexology (my first time). She explained the process well for me to understand what was about to take place as well as what was taking place. I would highly recommend RELAX REBUILD to others. Thank you for the experience. Kelly W..

Pre-Diabetic? Not anymore!

About a week before my first visit with Temna my annual physical with my doctor resulted in serious diagnosis.  I was pre-diabetic and bad cholesterol was high.  I was shocked since I’m not overweight and try to keep a healthy livestyle.  After two weeks of consulting with Temna my lab results where back to normal.  – Devian L.


Temna always does an excellent job no matter what she is doing. She is very thorough in doing reflexology. I cannot praise her enough. I have been coming to her for many years. Wanda S.

Cancer prevention

 Three years ago I was at a crossroad with my health. With a family history of cancer, I didn’t want to wait for results to show up in my blood work. After frustration with westernized healthcare I decided to make a change.
Temna has been nothing short of amazing!  Through an iridology and routine Biofeedback scans, my health has been restored.  She has been such an encourager through the journey.  My health and wellness have changed leaps and bounds through her services! Brenda T.

General health and well-being

I thoroughly enjoyed my benchmark appointment with Temna. She was extremely thorough in explaining the process and how it is tailored to my specific needs. Her demeanor and tone is extremely soothing which put me at ease.  She answered all my questions and truly valued my time. I am looking forward to this health journey!  

Joint pain – solved

“Imagine a 20 year old with athritis and pain as bad as an 80 year old.  That was me.  When all the doctors gave up, Temna took me step-by-step through the transition from pain to health.”  Marie M.

Rebuilding made easy

“Temna has been awesome, I have been able to follow realistic goals to improve my health and the results are amazing , along with the program  tailored to my individual needs I can ask questions and receive answers in excellent easy to understand manner most importantly I now have a favorable outlook for maximum health!”.  -Jeff B.

Temna is a health sherpa

“Although it’s the beginning of my journey I am confident in the path. Temna laid out the plan from jump and I’m motivated. Sometimes you need a sherpa to get you off the plateau of indecision. Can’t wait to see the results down the road.

Sleep Better than Ever

“Temna helped me sleep better than I ever have before. So simple, a scan, a regimen, a few questions and I solved a problem I’ve had for decades”. – Seth

Cholesterol Gastrointestinal

I highly recommend Temna. I haven’t feel this good for all my years. She really takes care of your health and well being. Very experience and understanding. There is a lot I can say about her. My wife and my self are in very good hands with her and we love her and we are really happy. Israel R.

Lower Abdominal Pain

From the time I heard Temna voice I knew I was in the right place. You know how it is when someone gives you a referral. Most of the time you hold on to it and wait! Not me! I walked in ready but not ready for what I got. After my service I felt renewed, I felt stress free, I felt great energy! My body was light like I was floating on an ocean wave. Temna really took her time with me. I haven’t felt this good in a long time. She is helping me get back to the healthy me. Stay tuned I’m going back for more. This is just the beginning of a healthier lifestyle from someone that CARES….. I would recommend her 1000xs +more. Brandy R.

Joint Pain Elbows and Knees

I highly recommend Temna! She is so knowledgeable and nice! She explained everything in a way I could understand. I went in for iridology but she told me about biofeedback scan. Her office is so nice and welcoming. I’m excited for this journey and getting my body mind and spirit in a healthy space.  Yolaika R.

Female Reproductive Challenges

I definitely recommend Temna hands down! Her positive and easy way to explain, encourage, and approach any issues; her loving and kind and patience, her true personal interest and dedication to each one of us, is beyond 5 stars! My daughter was recommended to her, whom in turn recommended her to my husband and myself, and her 3 siblings and their spouses. We have all been seeing her for 4 month and the results have been amazing!!! Needless to say, we have been recommending her to others that have expressed health concerns. Lisa R.

Hot Flashes

Temna is fantastic! She does what is necessary to help me find full health.  Lisa G.

Migraine Headaches

Temna is fabulous. I came to her with migraines that were debilitating and sent me to the hospital. my neurologist suggested medication that I would most likely be on forever & would have a lot of very negative side effects. Since seeing Temna, my migraines have almost disappeared & I feel so much better.  She helps me get to the root of the problem and helps me understand how I can better my health moving forward. I have also done reflexology and leave her office feeling great.  Thank you Temna for making a huge difference in my health and in my every day life! I am so grateful.  Kristen R.

High Blood Pressure

Thank you for the honesty and dignity of your program. I plan to get back on track with your knowledge and programs.  –Martha J.

Low Energy

I am so thankful to have been referred to Temna!  She is extremely knowledgeable, yet explains things in simple, easy to understand and motivating way.  It is so valuable to get an insight in a non intrusive way into my true physical and emotional state to be able to address specific areas of concern that would only get worse without attention.  Temna’s recommendations work!  and I love that they are based on natural supplements, healing treatments and sensible nutritional recommendations.  I highly recommend Temna to anyone searching for help in understanding and addressing any health concerns!  Kurt L.

Migraines, pre diabetic, weight gain, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia, acid reflux, fatigue, digestive issues

Temna has completely changed my life. I started with Temna in Jan 2021 and I felt completely horrible (migraines, pre diabetic, weight gain, anxiety, joint pain, insomnia, acid reflux, fatigue, digestive issues) I am happy to say that I don’t deal with these issues any longer. My energy level is the best ever. I can actually get up and live life without being sick every moment of the day. The program absolutely works- Temna has been with me every step of the way answering my many many questions and continues to push me to become a better me. Temna told me during my first visit I would start feeling better in 2 to 3 weeks if I followed the program. She was absolutely right, I couldn’t believe how great I felt and how the weight just kept falling off and staying off.  One of the best decisions I have made was to schedule my appointment in January 2021. Today is May 2021 and I still feel great. Thank you Temna!  K. Jackson.